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Purpose of Staff

The purpose of the Yakuza Wiki's staff is to keep articles managed and under control. They posses rights that regular contributors do not; however, staff should not misuse their power to block users or restrict editing permissions on pages without reason.

Wield your power responsibly, and use it for the benefit of the community, not for personal benefit.

Any concerns regarding vandalism, protection of pages, blocking a user, or mishandling of facts should be taken up with an administrator or the current bureaucrat.

Any issues with editing, help on templates, editing, layouts, etc. should be discussed with a Wiki Representative.

Staff List


Bureaucrats are above administrators and helpers, and are able to promote or demote other users. They have access to all management abilities and are considered "owner" of the wiki.


Helpers have the same permissions as administrators, and are assisting with the transfer of content from sister site, Gamepedia.

Wiki Representatives

Wiki Representatives are here to assist with FANDOM-related issues and keeping the wiki on-track. They act as a liaison between the Yakuza Wiki and FANDOM Staff.


Administrators have the same permissions as helpers, and are active contributors with a few extra tools.

Content Moderators