Yasuda is a minor character in Yakuza/Yakuza Kiwami.


Yasuda is a member of the Go-Ryu Clan under its second patriarch, Ryuji Goda.

In 2005, Goda sought to weaken the Tojo Clan in order to facilitate a war between them and the Omi Alliance. To that end, he made a secret pact pact with the Nishikiyama Family to aid them in the brewing civil conflict within the Tojo; providing him with Omi muscle to compete against the larger Shimano Family and Kazama Family.

As part of that deal, Yasuda was dispatched to capture Kazuma Kiryu at Masaru Sera's funeral. The Omi soldier confronted Kiryu while he was sneaking into the Tojo Clan headquarters for the funeral and attacked him, hoping to deliver him to Nishiki and Goda. Unfortunately for the conspirators, Yasuda was unable to defeat Kiryu.



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