Yoji Shono is a character in Judgment. He is a researcher at the Advanced Drug Development Center.


Most of the time, Shono appears to wear a lab coat over standard office attire. In the flashbacks, he wears a standard gray suit over a white shirt with a green tie. He is of short stature with medium-length hair.

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While he appears as a seemingly unassuming person, he holds a great deal of obsession towards completing AD-9 and will stop at nothing and do anything necessary to achieve it regardless of risk and failure

Background Edit

His grandparents were bedridden with Alzheimer's disease, leading to his mother having to take care of them. When they died, his mother had collapsed and died as well. Since this event, Shono has harbored a deep hatred for Alzheimer's as he attributes it to have taken away his family.

He began working for the ADDC as a head researcher and developed a drug known as AD-9 which is publicly known as a revolutionary drug that can ultimately cure Alzheimer's. The animal trials on mice were successful, leading to a successful press conference announcing the drug itself. However, shortly after the conference, Shono admitted to Kido that the drug is completely lethal to humans, but assured him that he can turn that around before they release the drug.

Shono began doing clinical trials and tested it on his first victim, Koichi Waku. However, the test had completely failed and killed Waku, causing Shono to dump his body into a truck that was driven by Shinpei Okubo, who later panicked and dumped the body in the woods.

With Okubo convicted for Waku's death instead, Shono felt reassured, but Yagami later won for Okubo's defense. Shono knew the police would start investigating him, so he killed Emi Terasawa and framed Okubo instead.

Later, he enlisted the help of The Mole to cover up the AD-9's utter failure, as the drug would eventually turn the victim's eyes blue. The Mole would later plunge his victims eyes out as part of his M.O.


Yagami would later crawl closer to the truth, with Shono watching Yagami and Kuroiwa battle it out at the ADDC. Shono later reveals his story and injects himself with AD-9, succumbing to the un-removable toxin in it.


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