Yoko is a character in Yakuza 5 and Haruka Sawamura's mentor. Completing Yoko's missions allows Haruka to unlock Climax Heat Gauge capabilities. It is recommended to finish Yoko's lessons, as doing so will grant Haruka a permanently filled Climax Heat Gauge. After round one of the Princess League is completed, she can be found under the west side of Iwao Bridge.

Personality Edit

Yoko's crafty nature along with her world-famous expertise in beauty allows her to afford the products needed for her lifestyle. As Haruka receives lessons from Yoko, Yoko will often trick her into buying Yoko's brand of beauty products and books. She demonstrates her impeccable eye for beauty each time she points out any flaw in Haruka's appearance. Yoko is also quite open about her personal life and promiscuity, which Haruka discovers as she meets each of Yoko's acquaintances. A softer, more nostalgic side of Yoko is shown when she admits that the quick-change costume gifted to Haruka was initially meant to be given to Yoko's childhood friend, and that she sees her old friend in Haruka.

Appearance Edit

Since she has dedicated her life to the pursuit of beauty, Yoko and her extravagant appearance communicates what's important to her. She sports a grape-colored blazer and skirt combo with a flirtatious twist, gold lining, and accented by expensive accessories and bright yellow heels. Most notably, her brown hair is done up in a beehive hairstyle.

Background Edit

Finding true beauty has been Yoko's purpose in life since childhood. As she rose in the ranks together with a close friend, the two made a promise to make it to the top together. Prior to her first appearance in Yakuza 5, Yoko received global reocognition as a stylist and a beautician. She has worked for celebrities, produces her own line of shampoo, and publishes her own books on beauty. However, she realized that her obsession with her work made her forget her childhood promise, and she has since quit the industry.

Because Haruka reminds her of a childhood friend Yoko was "unable to help," Yoko agrees to assist Haruka in her rise to fame as an idol. Yoko makes use of her renowned skills as a stylist and her connections to salons and hairstylists around Sotenbori to polish Haruka's image.

Yakuza 5Edit

Yoko is first seen hiding behind a telephone pole near Haruka's first handshake event. Thinking she is a stalker, Hiroshi Horie confronts her. She then reveals that she is actually here to spy on her ex, Uda, the manager of Merchant Association running the event. Horie realizes Yoko is a famed beautician, and asks her to help work on Haruka's appearance. She refuses, saying Haruka is too much of a "country bumpkin."

Before the first round of the Princess League begins, Yoko appears in Haruka's changing room to lecture her over how "magnifying your natural appeal" is vital in the entertainment industry. Afterwards, she proceeds to do Haruka's makeup and gives Haruka an old quick-change costume.

Secret to HealthEdit

Yoko begins her lessons by stressing the importance of getting enough rest and balancing the mind and body in order to achieve beauty. She instructs Haruka to buy a popular Chinese medicine called "saiko-ka-ryukotsu-borei-to" (PS3) due to her mistrust of name brand skincare products.

Secret to Body CareEdit

After chastising Haruka for poor eating habits, Yoko recommends her an aesthetic clinic that Yoko frequents. The price of an appointment is too high for Haruka; however, Yoko informs her the clinician, Momiyama, is open to waiving the fees in lieu of a dance battle.

How to Look FabulousEdit

Haruka's simplistic choice of clothing causes Yoko to criticize her, saying that idols should never let their guard down, even offstage. To teach her how to put together a better outfit, Yoko sends her to the bookstore to buy a best-selling book on the subject. Once Haruka has visited a few stores, she discovers that the books have sold out. Yoko, who turns out to be the author of said book, is willing to give her a copy in exchange for a plate of 16-piece takoyaki.

Secret to Great HairEdit

Yoko notices how the cold weather and lack of proper haircare have affected Haruka's hair to unacceptable levels. She recommends Haruka go to a hair salon she frequents, Hair Message Lovesong. The price for hair treatment is ¥6000, but the stylist charges her an additional ¥7000 for a bottle of shampoo. Though Haruka is initially displeased with the surprise purchase, she lets it slide when Yoko informs her that the shampoo is her own brand of luxurious and effective hair treatment. 

Believe in YourselfEdit

In a strange turn of events, Yoko tests Haruka by having her perform in a parking lot, sans costume and makeup, in order to build her confidence as an idol. 

Dream OnEdit

Once Yoko confesses she has taught Haruka all she can, Yoko announces her impending departure from Sotenbori. Haruka, wanting to thank Yoko for all she has done, asks Momiyama for farewell gift ideas, since Yoko insists she doesn't want anything. Momiyama tells Haruka that her efforts under Yoko's teaching are already the best gift, because now that Yoko has resolved her guilt over breaking her promise with her childhood friend, Yoko can live more freely. This inspires Haruka to put on a live performance for Yoko in the quick-change costume previously meant for the friend.

After the performance, Yoko reveals that the pink and feminine quick-change costume was meant for a guy, which baffles Haruka. Momiyama and Uda make their entrance together, and Uda immediately states his regrets for quitting the idol industry, sparking a tearful hug between "Uddie" and Yoko. Momiyama explains to the further confused Haruka that Uda is in fact, the childhood friend of Yoko's. He states that the two are "more than lovers." Before Yoko takes her leave, Uda and Yoko thank Haruka for liberating both of them of their old troubles and wish her well.

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