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Yokohama (横浜 lit. "Horizontal Beach") is a city located just south of Tokyo in the Japanese region of Kanto. It is the setting for minor points of several Yakuza series games.

In Yakuza: Like a Dragon and Lost Judgment, Yokohama is the main setting for the majority of both games.


Protagonist Kazuma Kiryu was born in Yokohama on June 17th, 1968.[1] During the 1980s, Lau Ka Long of the Snake Flower Triad took control of the Yokohama underworld, setting up his base of operations in a large Chinese restaurant in the city.

Yakuza/Yakuza Kiwami[]

Kiryu travels to Yokohama to find Haruka, who is held captive by the Snake Flower Triad.

Yakuza 3[]

The intro conversation with Daigo in his car is shown to be in Yokohama, Chinatown (only in the Remastered edition). Goh Hamazaki strikes a deal with the Snake Flower Triad to take control of the city's underworld. He is seen blowing up a small Chinese restaurant and killing its owner.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon[]

Ichiban Kasuga is dumped in a trash can in Yokohama after being shot and left for dead. Yokohama is the main playable area of Yakuza: Like a Dragon from this point forward.

Lost Judgment[]

In Lost Judgment, Takayuki Yagami and Masaharu Kaito have been invited by the new detective agency Yokohama 99 (formed by Fumiya Sugiura and Makoto Tsukumo) to investigate some prominent bullying cases in Seiryo High School.

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