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Yokohama 99 ((株)横浜九十九課, Yokohama Kyūjūkyū-ka?) is a detective agency on the second floor of a building in the Commercial District of Isezaki Ijincho.


The agency was opened by Fumiya Sugiura and Makoto Tsukumo in mid-2019, six months after the events of Judgment.

Lost Judgment[]

Yokohama 99 serves as a base of operations for Takayuki Yagami and Masaharu Kaito when they arrive in Isezaki Ijincho to assist Tsukumo and Sugiura on a case. During their stay, its windows are shattered by the Yokohama Liumang, drawing out Yagami, Kaito and Jin Kuwana, so that a group of masked individuals are able to attack Tsukumo and Sugiura, who had stayed behind.

Side Content[]

Side Cases[]

Request Name Client Reward (¥) SP
Please Investiagte a Corporate Spy Chaos of the Masked Writer Kazuto Jumonji 100,000 5,000
I'd like to request an investigation about a corporate spy. I work as a writer, and my recent ideas have been getting stolen by a certain other writer. This has been happening for 3 consecutive works. I've hired a number of detectives to look into this, but they weren't able to find the culprit, and this has me troubled. I've heard rumors about you from my acquaintances in Kamurocho. I understand you're a great detective, and I'd like you to find the identity of the corporate spy. I'll be waiting for you in front of the office in Kamurocho. Kazuto Jumonji
My First Errand My First Errand Ikuo Manaka 100,000 10,000
My son wants to go out on his first errand on his own, but I'm so worried about what might happen to him... I'd follow him if I could, but he made it absolutely clear that I'm not allowed. If I do it anyway and he catches me, he might resent me for it. That's why I'd like you, the professional tailer, to watch over him in my place. We can discuss the details over at Wette Kitchen, if you're interested. My apologies if you're busy, but I do appreciate your considering this job.
The Forbidden Taste The Forbidden Taste Joe Koike 100,000 5,000
Have you heard of the phantom ramen stall that suddenly appears on the late-night streets of Yokohama? I'm a ramen researcher who has traveled across the globe, slurping many a delicious noodle, but I have yet to eat at a phantom stall! They say the ramen there has a captivating flavor that can't be found anywhere else... and is made with a forbidden broth. As such, I've decided to eat the ramen there no matter what! Will you help me find the phantom stall!? I'll be waiting for you at Meng Wu with more details.
Find our Runaway Game Director Flight of the Game Creator Takeshi Okizaki 150,000 5,000
My name's Takeshi Okizaki, I work for a certain game development company. The director of our current project ran off right before we could finish the master version, and we simply can't do it without him. We tried to find him, but his experience making an espionage game's made him surprisingly hard to find... I'd like to hire you to catch our director, Yagami-san. Sorry to ask this, but would you be willing to meet me at Wette Kitchen on N Isezaki Road? I'll be working from there so we can rendezvous more easily.
On-Site Demo Test A Particularly Hardcore Demo Event Takeshi Okizaki 100,000 5,000
Yagami-san, it's Okizaki from God-Tier Games. Thanks to your help, we've actually reached the finish line in our latest project, a twin-stick shooter called "Aircelios." We're about to wrap up the final testing phase, where we have users play the game and give us their opinions. It's supposed to be basic market research, but... instead, Shinonome-san and Kinugawa-san have been at each others' throats again over the final build! They've agreed to let you make the judgment call on this, and I'm really hoping you can help us out again! I'll be waiting for you in front of the Industrial Hall Building. See you there, Yagami-san.
It's time A Final Request ~Reprise~ ??? 500,000 50,000
Takayuki Yagami, I await you in Hamakita Park. Come.


  • The agency's name is a reference to the fact that the kanji 九十九 can be read as both "99" and "Tsukumo".