The Yamato Mark II was the only physical proof of my countless years of governmental collusion. To Daidoji and the administration, it was a secret they could nigh afford to have made public. Even the Yomei Alliance was created as a means of ensuring it stayed hidden. Upon its founding, the Yomei Alliance consisted of Iwami managers who had helped build the ship. Each one had to be carefully monitored to ensure they were following protocol. Keeping the secret safe was our sole purpose.
Takeru Kurusu to Kazuma Kiryu and Hirose Family members; Yakuza 6

The Yomei Alliance (陽銘連合会, yomei-Rengōkai) is the third largest criminal organization in Japan, behind the Tojo Clan and the Omi Alliance. They are headquartered in Onomichi, Hiroshima. They first appear in Yakuza 6.


Yomei Alliance is founded by Takeru Kurusu, also the founder of Iwami Shipbuilding. After the end of the war, he adopted young Toru Hirose after he trespassed the shipyard as a boy and made him an assassin to assassinate anyone who could possibly expose the secret of Onomichi to the world.

As Chairman of the Yomei Alliance, Kurusu keeps the Hiroshima-based yakuza clan neutral in the rivalry between the Tojo Clan and Omi Alliance. However, his son Tsuneo Iwami with his ambition to be a legendary yakuza, he manipulates and uses Yomei AllianceTojo Clan, and Saio Triad in order to succeed in the legacy of Takeru Kurusu. However his plan fails and he is arrested, which also leads to Tojo interim chairman Sugai killing himself.

After Takeru Kurusu's death and Tsuneo's incarcerated, Kanji Koshimizu becomes Yomei Alliance chairman. Daigo Dojima decides to form a pact with Yomei, respecting Kiryu's wishes not to avenge him.

List of Chairmen



  • Tojo Clan (since 2016)
  • Minoru Daidoji (former Imperial Japanese Navy Officer and retired politician, also known as "Fixer, the masters of the Showa era(昭和のフィクサー)" )

Subsidiary Families


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