Yoneda is Daisaku Kuze's right-hand man who only appears in Yakuza 0.

Yakuza 0 Edit

In 1988, Yoneda is captain of the Kenno Clan, the Dojima Family subsidiary run by Lieutenant Daisaku Kuze.

Yoneda first appears when Kazuma Kiryu travels to the Dojima HQ to request his expulsion form the family by Patriarch Sohei Dojima. Kuze, Yoneda and several other Kenno thugs intercept Kiryu and Kuze orders Yoneda to kill him and dispose of the body.

During the ensuing battle, Yoneda is swiftly beaten but he comically continuously reappears in various floors of the building as Kiryu fights his way up to the Patriarch's office, attempting to sneak up on Kiryu even after he knocks him out time and time again. When Kiryu is forced to jump through the window and into a bathroom in order to bypass a locked door, Yoneda makes yet another appearance, this time with a knife. Yoneda finally surrenders after Kiryu kicks him out of the bathroom's window, dropping him several stories.

Later on, Yoneda reappears when the Shibusawa Family has captured Tetsu Tachibana and handed him over to Kuze and the Kenno Clan, instructing them to torture him into revealing the location of the Empty Lot's owner, Makoto Makimura. Yoneda aids Kuze in torturing Tachibana by gleefully smashing his fingers with a hammer. When Yoneda becomes angered by Tachibana's refusal to comply, Kuze instructs him to stop, as he does not want Yoneda to kill the prisoner before he's given them the information. However, after Tachibana tauntingly smiles at Yoneda, the sergeant fatally strikes him in the temple with a hammer. Enraged by his insubordination, Kuze kills Yoneda by cracking his skull against the torture room floor.

Appearance Edit

Yoneda's appearance suggests that he is in his 40s. He wears a gray suit with a blue shirt that is unbuttoned to show his chest. His most defining feature is likely his gaunt, encircled dark eyes.

Personality Edit

Yoneda is portrayed as an unusually determined right-hand man to Kuze, up to the point that his continued reapparances after apparent deaths become a running joke in the game. He also discusses gruesome ways of disposing with Kiryu's body in a nonchalant tone, indicating some kind of sociopathic detachment.

Fighting Style Edit

Yoneda fights with his bare fists and sometimes with a sheathed knife.

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