Yu Namba (難波 悠, Namba Yū) is a character in Yakuza: Like a Dragon. He is one of Ichiban Kasuga's battle team members.



Namba has a scruffy appearance, with thick hair and a stubble.


Namba wears winter clothing, consisting of a pair of boots, a pair of gray pants, two layers of jacket, a pair of gloves, and a scarf, as well as a pair of black-framed glasses.



A former doctor, Namba lost his license after caught channeling drugs to the black market, and now spends his life as a poor homeless in Isezaki Ijincho.


Yakuza: Like a Dragon: 2000-2019

Namba first comes across Ichiban Kasuga having been dumped and left for dead in Isezaki Ijincho. As a former nurse, he stitches up Kasuga's gunshot wound inflicted by Masumi Arakawa.

Fighting Style

Namba is able to fight using special attacks like breathing fire using strong alcohol and throwing beans at enemies to entice pigeons to attack them. The developers described the former move as being the embodiment of the term "Like a Dragon," as the Yakuza series is known in Japan.[1]


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