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Yu Nanba (難波 悠, Nanba Yū) is a supporting character and one of the seven playable characters in Yakuza: Like a Dragon. He is a former nurse.



Nanba has a scruffy appearance, with thick hair and stubble.


Nanba wears clothing consisting of a pair of black rubber boots, gray sweatpants, green zip-up hoodie, cyan denim jacket, a pair of black fingerless gloves and a blue scarf, as well as a pair of black horn rimmed glasses.


Nanba is an intelligent and rational individual with a viewpoint that often falls somewhere between realism and pessimism. Though he usually finds himself following the lead of others, Nanba doesn’t hesitate to voice his doubts regarding the plans that the rest of the party compose, even if his warnings tend to go unheeded. Nanba has moments where he might come to conclusions too quickly or seem a bit clueless when he isn’t totally engaged, but he has proven himself to be very capable of figuring out confusing situations and solving problems when he cares to.

In addition to Nanba’s submissive nature, preferring to fall in and work with whoever most appeals to his goals rather than doing things his own way, he isn’t very keen on opening up about himself or his more personal problems. His typically negative outlook on things leads him to expect that everyone thinks the worst of him, especially after some of his true intentions are revealed, so he always finds himself taken by surprise whenever his fellow party members express their care for him. Still, Nanba remains very critical of himself and does not hold himself very highly in comparison to others, consequently seeing himself as unworthy of friendship.

Despite not being the most positive person at times, Nanba still enjoys joking around with his friends, and clearly doesn’t like having to be too serious at all when the situation doesn’t call for it. He encourages Kasuga’s ambitions to become a hero more than anyone else, and he regularly chimes in during Party Chats, where he is sometimes subject to some lighthearted teasing at the hand of the other party members. Through it all, he continues to worry for the safety of his friends, and does what he can to support them.


A former nurse, Nanba lost his license after he covered for a former colleague of his who was selling medicine on the black market. Seeing her youth and dedication to the job, he figured that she had her career ahead of her and deserved to pursue it, whilst he was tired and burnt out from years of work.


Yakuza: Like a Dragon: 2019[]

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Nanba first comes across Ichiban Kasuga after he has been left for dead in the trash, near the homeless camp that Nanba resides at. Nanba is able to stitch up Kasuga's gunshot wound and he regains consciousness three days later. He teaches him how to survive as a homeless person and during a meal, are interrupted by Zheng of the Yokohama Liumang. After the two drive Zheng away, Nanba explains the Ijin Three to Kasuga and decides to follow him after discovering that a counterfeit bill was placed in his breast pocket.

Through Kanbe at Hello Work, the duo find jobs. They meet Hamako and Bleach Japan after a bodyguard job, and Koichi Adachi joins them afterward. The three are directed to Otohime Land to work for Nonomiya, and rescue Nanoha Mukoda from having to pay large fees to Sunlight Castle, and meet Ryuhei Hoshino. After their job is done, however, Nonomiya dies apparently from suicide.

At Nonomiya's funeral, they meet Saeko Mukoda and learn of Akira Mabuchi's possible responsibility behind the suicide. Frustrated that the police would not look into the matter, she asks for the trio's help, which they accept. They head to Chinatown for leads but are met with resistance. They eventually join the Yokohama Trading Company for more leads, but a failed attempt to expose their counterfeiting leads to their capture. They are freed by a masked Joon-gi Han and head to a Chinatown restaurant to prevent a war, but are asked to head to Geomijul for proof of Mabuchi's guilt.

During the trip to Geomijul's headquarters, it is revealed by Seong-hui that Nanba's reason for tagging along had been to try and learn the whereabouts of his brother, Shoichi Nanba, a reporter who was intent on uncovering the truth behind the counterfeit money printing in Ijincho. Having been recently fired from his job at the hospital, Nanba decided to lay low in Isezaki Ijincho, keeping an eye on the Geomijul from the homeless camp.

With the help of Kasuga and his party, Nanba successfully escapes from the Geomijul's headquarters, running straight to Bleach Japan's Ijincho branch for refuge. There, he tells Hajime Ogasawara and Sota Kume everything about the money laundering scheme. When Kasuga shows up to warn Nanba of the assassins sent for him, he instead follows Ogasawara and Kume through the back door, leaving Kasuga and the others to fight off Mabuchi.

He is seen again after Seong-hui and Joon-gi Han decide to torch the Geomijul headquarters and destroy all of the evidence of their counterfeit operation. Enraged by what he believes is Kasuga's betrayal, he fights alongside Reiji Ishioda in a desperate attempt to push past Kasuga before the evidence is fully destroyed.

After the fight, Nanba apologizes for his actions, though still refuses to rejoin the party. Seong-hui informs him that his brother has been living on the outskirts of the residential district under Geomijul watch since he went missing; happy to help, as he has fallen in love with one of the women and plans to marry her.

Nanba goes to visit his brother alone, not rejoining the team until later, when he comes to the party's aid against Ishioda at Qing Jin. After the fight, he expresses disbelief at whether the party really want him back after his betrayal. Ichiban, however, forgives him and welcomes him back, which surprises Nanba, moving him to tears. With their friendship reaffirmed, Nanba rejoins the party for good.


Fighting Style[]

Nanba is able to heal himself and his party members with medicinal herbs he has foraged for around Ijincho, as well as sleeping to regain his strength. He has several unique attacks exclusive to his "Homeless Guy" Job, such as Pigeon Raid and Pyro Belch/Breath. The developers described the latter attack as being the embodiment of the term "Like a Dragon".[2] With the aforementioned Pyro Belch/Breath and Essence of Pyro Prison, Nanba utilizes an alcoholic beverage and a matchstick in order to spew alcoholic flames. His default weapon of an umbrella is held in a low stance with both hands held onto it. He swings with the handle of the umbrella and his default attack swings it to the left diagonally downward, then once again to the right diagonally upwards and his Opportune Strike has him jump up in the air and land with a strike of his weapon. He can also scatter beans to cause a swarm of pigeons to attack his enemies, take a power nap in order to restore health, use healing powder to heal himself or an ally, and use odorous breath in order to revive an ally or lower the attack, defense, or both attack and defense of enemies.


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