Yua Mikami is one of the available Platinum hostesses at Four Shine in Yakuza Kiwami 2, and also appears in Yakuza 6 as a live chatter in the Live Chat mini-game. She is often called the "Kineicho Platinum Goddess".


Yua is a former idol. She used to be quite famous during her prime, but she ended her career after realizing that working at a cabaret club suits her better. Due to her former occupation, she enjoys watching idol DVDs during her free time. She is slightly ditzy and likes being spoiled, and refers to herself in third person.

Dialogue Tree Edit

Yua Dinner Date 1 Responses

You bet! I highly recommend it, Kiryu-san! Ah, do you wanna borrow one? I'd love to. +Hostess Heart FullHostess Heart Full
Sorry, I'm not interested. Hostess Heart Empty
I have enough DVDs already. +Hostess Heart Full
Why do you think? Money was tight. +Hostess Heart Full
You weren't actually popular. Hostess Heart Empty
You're better suited to cabaret. +Hostess Heart FullHostess Heart Full
You're totally right! How can we get Four Shine up to speed? A bikini festival! Hostess Heart Empty
You could put on a concert. +Hostess Heart FullHostess Heart Full
Let's hold a handshake event. +Hostess Heart Full
Whoa, I had no idea! Were you crushing on any of them, Kiryu-san? I didn't have time for that. +Hostess Heart Full
I was. +Hostess Heart FullHostess Heart Full
I prefer my woman old. Hostess Heart Empty

Yua Dinner Date 2 Responses

Yeah. I didn't know how to respond. The guy must really adore you. +Hostess Heart FullHostess Heart Full
Give it back to him.
Let's sell it!
Super cool, super nice, super strong, super rich... A prince riding on a white horse! ❤ You'll find your prince someday. +Hostess Heart Full
Your standards are too high! Hostess Heart Empty
Your prince is right in front of you. +Hostess Heart FullHostess Heart Full
Yua... That's part of your appeal. +Hostess Heart FullHostess Heart Full
You're kinda dumb, huh?
You should really get that fixed.
It's... Take a Shot in the Dark Hostess Heart Empty
Make an Educated Guess +Hostess Heart FullHostess Heart Full
Admit You Don't Know +Hostess Heart Full

Yua Dinner Date 3 Responses

Hmmm. I honestly don't mind being in an article, but I just wish they would ask my permission. Take care of yourself, Yua. +Hostess Heart Full
I'll protect you. +Hostess Heart FullHostess Heart Full
You should let them take pictures. Hostess Heart Empty
I'm especially thankful for those who have been cheering me on since before I was even popular. That's so like you, Yua. +Hostess Heart Full
Let's squeeze them for cash! Hostess Heart Empty
Don't abandon those fans. +Hostess Heart FullHostess Heart Full
What exactly would you want me to do for you? Make me some good food. +Hostess Heart FullHostess Heart Full
What would I want...? +Hostess Heart Full
Nothing. Hostess Heart Empty
All right. It must be... Our attitude towards customers. +Hostess Heart Full
Our lack of quotas. Hostess Heart Empty
Our friendly atmosphere. +Hostess Heart FullHostess Heart Full

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