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Yuki (ユキ) is a hostess at Club Sunshine in Yakuza 0, later returning as the owner of Club Four Shine in Yakuza Kiwami 2.




In Yakuza 0, Yuki has difficulty in finding a job, despite the booming economy, as her reserved and honest nature does not lend itself well to job interviews. She came to work at Sunshine because Youda happened to find her alone and dejected at a park, and hired her on the spot; probably out of pity or desperation, as her timid personality and shyness around men are not traits one would typically look for in a hostess.

Yuki has a naive and gullible personality; she describes her ideal man as a typical high-fantasy prince, and believes in the possible existence of cryptids (specifically the Tsuchinoko). Because of this, both Goro Majima and Youda feel protective of her, and often treat her like a child. Despite their concern, Yuki shows throughout her story that she is independent and can make decisions on her own.

Yuki's superiors frequently ignore or insult her in a teasing manner, and she often gets into petty, childlike arguments with Majima. She takes the teasing in stride, however, switching between acting annoyed, laughing it off, or retaliating with her own sassy remark, depending on the situation.


Yakuza 0: 1988[]

Yuki first appears as the Number One girl of Club Sunshine, a cabaret club in Sotenbori, which is later managed by Goro Majima in order to assist in defeating their five rival Cabaret Clubs. Despite being the top girl at the club, Yuki is still new to the business, but grows to become a highly skilled hostess with the help of Majima, the club's owner Youda, and the other hostesses on staff.

Completion of Yuki's training unlocks the substory Paternal Instincts.

Yakuza Kiwami 2: 2006[]

Yuki returns as the owner of a different club, Four Shine. This time, Kazuma Kiryu is asked to oversee the club, in a replacement of the original hostess club management mission on Yakuza 2, which took place in Kamurocho.

She was once a hostess of legendary stature in the business, has retired, and instead owns Four Shine. While she hasn't aged dramatically in the eighteen years since Yakuza 0, she now wears glasses in order to see. As the Four Shine storyline progresses, she eventually rejoins the hostesses, becoming the lone Diamond-class on the roster.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon: 2019[]

She can be hired as a manager for Ichiban Confections in the Management mini-game if the DLC Management Mode Set is bought. Yuki and Koyuki, during the time of Yakuza: Like a Dragon, are running a sushi restaurant together.

Hostess Training[]

Customer Service 1[]

"Oh, just boring stuff like what happened today, what I should make for dinner, how my bonsai plant's growing... that kinda thing." Little details work. +Hostess Heart Half.png
Bonsai? +Hostess Heart Full.png
Yeah, boring...
"B-But I... I don't have a clue what I should talk to them about! What should I do if it gets quiet?" Try to smile a bit.
Try to compliment them. +Hostess Heart Half.png
"Um, well... I'm... o-older people do tend to like me..." Older gents, huh? +Hostess Heart Full.png
That's a talent?
You're a grandkid type. +Hostess Heart Half.png
"Um, that's, uh... it's because... oh, I know! It's because I'm not good at it! I thought I could get used to talking to men by working here!" Y'know, I'm a man too. +Hostess Heart Half.png
You're lying!

Customer Service 2[]
"He should be kind, tall, and handsome, with flowing hair! He'd really respect me, and he would look good riding a white horse, y'know!?" Sounds just like me. +Hostess Heart Half.png
I think I get you. +Hostess Heart Full.png
That doesn't exist!
"Well, since it came up, I've been wondering if my issues talking to customers might be holding everyone else back, and I wouldn't want that..." A club needs variety. +Hostess Heart Half.png
Don't worry about it.
"Every date would be a struggle for the right clothes and make-up, and even then, I can't begin to imagine what I'd be able to talk about with him." You'd figure it out. +Hostess Heart Full.png
That's his job though...
Do a horseback date. +Hostess Heart Half.png
"I-I-I've gone out with plenty of guys! Of course! Th-There's Sato-kun, Suzuki-kun, and... Tanaka-kun!" Those are last names... +Hostess Heart Half.png
I yield!

Customer Service 3[]

"Uh, umm... Majima-san, wh-what kind of sushi do you like?" I like tamago. +Hostess Heart Half.png
That's too random...
I like engawa. +Hostess Heart Full.png
"But, if you're always eating out or eating junk food, you won't have a balanced diet. Would you like me to make you some meat and potatoes stew or something?" I can make that.
That'd be great. +Hostess Heart Half.png
"I guess that's true." I'll request you then. +Hostess Heart Half.png
Give it some time.
Imagine they're me. +Hostess Heart Full.png
"As an employee of the club... well, what do you think of me?" You're cute.
You're workin' hard. +Hostess Heart Half.png

Customer Service 4[]

"Hobbies? Yeah, I seem to recall yours was..." Writing in a diary. +Hostess Heart Half.png
Bonsai. +Hostess Heart Full.png
Reading self-help books.
*sigh* "I'm a real loser, aren't I?" They were clueless. +Hostess Heart Half.png
Honesty is a talent. +Hostess Heart Half.png
"But, this club is a comfortable place to be, and I learn so much every day. So I'm thinking maybe I should grow up a little more here before I start looking again." You gotta get sexier. +Hostess Heart Half.png
You can network here!
I'll work ya hard! +Hostess Heart Full.png
"Huh? What is it?" A lady needs sleep. +Hostess Heart Half.png
I wish ya the best.

Customer Service Final[]

"Before you came in, this place was practically deserted. A lot's changed since then." You've come a long way. +Hostess Heart Full.png
I'm that good.
You were number one! +Hostess Heart Half.png
(What should I tell her?) I'm there for ya. +Hostess Heart Half.png
Break up with him!
"Hmm, what does Yuki-chan think of me... hmmmmmmm..." The love of your life. +Hostess Heart Full.png
A sketchy, one-eyed bastard. +Hostess Heart Half.png
A dependable boss.
"That's right... he is... important to me." T-Take care of him. +Hostess Heart Half.png
You're moving fast!

Suggested Makeover[]

Set 1 (Double Circle at Beauty, Cute and Funny)

  • Hair Accessory: Tiara
  • Earrings: Star
  • Necklace: Elegant or Onyx
  • Nails: Rainbow
  • Ring: Flower Ring
  • Watch: Simple Watch

Set 2 (Double Circle at Sexy, Beauty and Funny)

  • Hair Accessory: Bunny Girl
  • Glasses: Imported Sunglasses
  • Earrings: Heart or Gaudy
  • Necklace: Elegant or Onyx
  • Nails: Black
  • Watch: Designer or Gorgeous Watch
  • Bracelet: Gold or Onyx Bracelet



Yakuza 0[]

Yakuza Kiwami 2[]

Ryu ga Gotoku Online[]



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