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Yuria Hayashida (林田 ゆりあ, Hayashida Yuria) is Kazuma Kiryu's hostess in Yakuza: Dead Souls. She is one of the few hostesses in the series capable of fighting, and also becomes available as an AI companion character after completing her substory.


Yuria has reddish-brown hair styled in two mid-tied pigtails.

She wears a mid-length yellow dress with a white ribbon tied around the waist in a bow at the front. 


Yuria is a sweet and gentle woman from Osaka who is an elementary school teacher. She talks a lot about her students with Kiryu. 


Dialogue Tree[]

Osakan women come across like a pack of hungry animals, don't you think? So I stopped talkin' like one. I actually like it.
I feel the same.
Your accent's creeping back in...
You seem like a man with more than a few secrets. I'm super curious! Ask me anything about this town.
I'm on top of all the trends.
Some secrets are best left that way.
I... Chasing a big dream?
You don't have to tell me.
Is it something you can't talk about?
It really shook me up. It's been a year, and I'm still not really dating. Liars are scum.
You really loved him, huh?
Forget him already.
You think I have a shot at it? Relax.
How about me?
Being single has its perks.
The only good part was when you came in! Your luck will turn around tomorrow.
Today's not over yet.
You can't pay attention to horoscopes.
Still, none of my friends ever want to go out drinking with me. You're just a kid.
Watch how much you throw back.
I'll drink with you anytime.
Did you have a dream as a kid, Mr. Kiryu? To build a happy home.
To get rich.
To be stronger than anyone.
And I've done piano since I was a kid, so I can write music and stuff. You play piano?
Write a song for me.
I'm pretty musical, too.
On bad days, I go home and play with my boys for a while and I forget all my troubles! Are they hard to take care of?
It's important to have that release.
Do you have bad days a lot?
It really is... I'm stretched pretty thin, but I don't have much of a choice. Just don't run yourself ragged.
Is there some way I can help?
I can get you money if you need it.
Maybe I'll go hit the hot springs! Want to come with me? Mixed bathing, huh?
If I get to see you without makeup.
Maybe you should rest up at home.
He's one of the kids in my class. That's pretty precocious.
Age is just a number.
Yeah, I figured as much.
Plus I got no time to date between my two jobs... Why not get a roommate?
Want to move in with me?
Let's set up a singles night.
He's not a bad guy, but I don't know if I want to date him knowing that he expects to marry me... Then tell him no.
Do you have another guy in mind?
I can't help you here.
I used to be pretty quick on the draw, but... Your kids must be early bloomers.
You're out of shape.
I'll train you.
Right?! My kids' moms are always impressed! Will you make me one?
How do they taste?
You make those for yourself?
Or does getting handmade gifts weird you out? It does give me pause.
I've never really gotten any.
You don't have to bother.
I'll really wear just about whatever. Doesn't that get awkward?
I wish you'd pick out my clothes, too.
What's inside is all that counts anyway.
I just kind of fuzz out. The kids in my class are always teasing me for it. Pull it together in front of the kids.
What were you thinking about?
I'll fine you next time.
You're just missing something here! Look closer! All right, let me take a closer look.
I can't.
How do I come across?
I just kept worrying that I would never get to see her again... Are you going to go to her now?
That's a relief, then.
This is no time to cry.
I wish there were some kind of distraction for a bit of mindless fun. Want to go hunt some zombies?
Catch up on sleep.
Let's take in the night sights.
I'd better keep working hard if I want to be able to provide for my kids in the future! I could build you a house.
How many kids do you want?
You should keep your dreams secret.
I know you're pretty stacked, but just how strong are you, Mr. Kiryu? Make a case for yourself here! Stronger than a pro wrestler.
I'm strong where it counts.
I'm just a small fry.
Things are too crazy right this minute, but maybe when things settle down a bit, yeah! You could go all sexy rocker.
I'll handle the vocals.
Do it with your kids.
I said you were someone I've been spending time with recently! I guess that's fine.
Think of your other customers.
Take it down.
Oh man, liver sashimi! I could eat raw liver for weeks and never get tired of it! That's... different.
Liver sashimi's great.
Pick again.
Right? Maybe I'll even let you ride on back! I bet you'd look great on a bike.
I'll drive.
Do you have the cash for all that?
I know, weird, right? Maybe it's a premonition.
It's what your subconscious wants.
You must really be into me.
And it's not like I've got much of a choice. I'll take you out on a date.
You're getting paid, though, right?
Don't forget about your nursery school class.

Yuria's Emails[]