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Zheng (, Zhèng/ ,Tei) is a character featured in Yakuza: Like a Dragon.



Zheng is bald, has medium build, and sports a thin mustache.


He wears a printed orange shirt, a pair of pinstriped black pants, a pair of leather shoes, and a chain necklace.


While he initially displays a hostile, cowardly personality, Zheng is actually very loyal to his boss in the Liumang, Mabuchi. His loyalty is such that, when Mabuchi is exiled from Yokohama, Zheng willingly goes with him into his exile and; when Mabuchi later returns to town to assassinate Zhao and Ichiban, Zheng helps him despite the great risk the plan poses.

Zheng also appears to have a fetish for armpits; as he tries to lick Saeko's when she's working undercover at a Liumang-controlled hostess club in Restaurant Row. During each encounter with him, Ichiban's party teases him about said fetish, and even Joon-gi Han remarks that nobody in Geomijul knew that.


Zheng is a low-ranking lieutenant of the Yokohama Liumang; Yokohama's biggest Chinese triad. In spite of being of Chinese descent, Zheng was born in Japan and barely speaks any Chinese.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon[]

In 2019, Zheng is running a shakedown ring where he coerces money out of Ijincho's homeless camps in exchange for being left unmolested by him and his cronies. It is while running one of these shakedowns that Zheng first encountered Ichiban Kasuga. Ichiban had been living in the homeless camp on the borough's Commercial District after Yu Nanba, one of the camp's residents, had patched up the bullet wound he'd taken after being shot by his former boss, Masumi Arakawa. In gratitude for Nanba's help, Ichiban beats Zheng and one of his thugs when they try to rob the camp. In exchange for keeping his humiliating defeat at the hands of a homeless guy a secret, Zheng agrees to not shakedown that camp anymore.

Ichiban and his party later encounter Zheng once again while they were working undercover at a Chinese hostess bar where they were looking for Akira Mabuchi's whereabouts. At that club's VIP room, Zheng harassed Saeko Mukoda; who was undercover as a hostess, by trying to lick her armpit. This prompted another fight between him and the Kasuga Party; which once again ended in his defeat, in spite of the fact that he had more back up this time. After he's defeated once again, Zheng reveals all that he knows about Mabuchi and his business.

Later on, when Mabuchi tries to stage a coup against the Liumang's ringleader, Tianyou Zhao, Zheng is among those who side with Mabuchi's revolt. When Ichiban and his friends try to stop the coup and save Zhao, Zheng confronts them in the streets of Restaurant Row and attacks them with a large group of cronies. However, even when outnumbering the Kasuga Party, he is still unable to defeat them. After the coup is stopped, Zhao exiles Mabuchi and all his supporters from Yokohama, including Zheng.

Zheng is encountered for the last time when Ichiban fully befriends Zhao. Zheng travels to the Kasuga Party's favorite hangout, Survive Bar, and tells Ichiban and Zhao that Mabuchi wants to meet with them to request forgiveness and to be allowed to return to Yokohama. However, when the duo go to the meeting, it turns out to be an ambush set up by Mabuchi to kill them both. Zheng aids Mabuchi in fighting both men, but the ambush fails and Mabuchi, Zheng and their cronies are beaten and forced to flee the city once again.


  1. The given height of 190 cm (6′ 3″) is based on the character model's scaling factor within the game's data. For Dragon Engine games, this method is believed to be very accurate (±1 cm). However, this is intended as an estimate, not a substitute for an official statistic.
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