Ki... ryu... chaaaan...!
— Zombie Majima

Zombie Majima ゾンビ真島 is Goro Majima's zombie persona. He appears in Yakuza Kiwami's Majima Everywhere feature.


Zombie Majima has a pale complexion, glowing red eyes, and blood splattered all over him (later revealed to be makeup and effects applied by professionals).

Yakuza KiwamiEdit

Kazuma Kiryu receives a phone call from Nishida who states that something terrible happened to Majima and tells Kiryu to head over to Senryo Avenue. When Kiryu arrives, he notices an ill-looking Majima shambling in an alleyway. Majima attempts to bite him as soon as he notices him but Kiryu manages to knock him down before getting bit. Kiryu then gets another call from Nishida who warns him that the entire Majima Family were infected -- including himself -- and have turned into zombies.

Zombie Majima recovers from earlier and a fight ensues between him and Kiryu. After defeating Majima, Kiryu runs into the infected Majima Family and begins to fight them off as they fill the streets. Upon reaching Taihei Boulevard East, Kiryu encounters Zombie Majima again and, after defeating him once more, receives a call from Nishida who congratulates him on taking down all the zombies. Majima then reveals to Kiryu that all of the above events were staged in order to get Kiryu to fight seriously.

Afterwards, Zombie Majima will begin to wander the streets.


  • The event when first encountering Zombie Majima is a reference to Yakuza: Dead Souls.
    • Majima's battle theme from Dead Souls plays during the event.
  • By-passers will run away from him upon seeing him on the streets.


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